Things to do in Jeju Island

Things to do in Jeju Island

Jeju Island situated in South Korea is the top destination and has various scenic spots to visit. It’s known for the exclusive beach resorts, volcanic landscape, magnificent craters, and also the cave like lava tubes. The United Nations have added this place to the list of world heritage sites. You may avail Cathay Pacific airlines in order to reach this amorous place.

1. Trekking Mount Hallasan

If you want to go up for a hike, then climb to Korea’s highest mountain, the mount Hallasan. This is located at the centre of island Jeju and denoted as one of the UNESCO rated world heritage centres. You can climb it and in case you are a fit person, you may make it to the top and then climb back. The hikers will get the magnificent view of the alluring Crater Lake and also the breath-taking views of Mount Jeju.

2. Teddy Bear Museum

In case you are a great lover of teddy bear, then you may visit this hall and get a feel of the animation characters. You will spot the world’s tiniest and cutest teddy bears. You will get a view of thousands of teddy bears from all across the world, especially in miniature form of renowned personalities. And you may even see the bear version of Monalisa and mother Teresa.

3. Loveland

Loveland is all about a park where there is a bit of eroticism, especially the sculptures and features. If you are comfortable with an adult themed park, then Loveland would be the most ideal. You might find various sculptures with male and female bodies uncovered and of course in a comic style. Love the sculptures in the male female toilets, and be rest assured this will be the most fun filled part of your desired honeymoon trip.

4. Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

Cheonjeyeon waterfalls originates from the ceiling of a cave, and then bifurcates into two or three more streams, and the water eventually flows into the sea. Jeju is rightly called a heaven for the nature lovers, and it can boast of the interesting rock formation, alluring waterfalls and also the pristine beaches. While you see the subtropical waterfalls, there is much of flora and fauna existing. This area can be regarded as a botanist’s paradise since you may find some unique skeletal fork fern and Solipnan reeds.

5. Seonimgyo Bridge

over the Cheonjeyeon waterfall is a bridge, a nymph has seven carved sides, which symbolises beauty and legendary objects. The nymph is believed to connect to the heaven directly, and heavenly bodies are said to alight. During the festival of May, people celebrate the coming of the nymphs, and tourists can have a bath in the region. This is quite pretty and can be a boot, too. You may see some traditional Korean houses from where you may have an idea how they lived in the 18th century in the Jeju fold village. You may get your fortune told by the fortune teller.

6. Seonjsan Ilchulbong

You may attempt to climb the Seongsan IIchulbong, which is also known as the sunrise peak, and it can be framed for the picturesque sunrise. At the first sight, it would look like a giant fortress having 99 rocks surrounding its top, but it’s actually an extinct volcano. It’s more than 1,00,000 years old extinct volcano.

7. Manjanggul Cave

The Manjanggul cave is another UNESCO rated world heritage site and a great attraction of Jeju Island. Formed over 2.5 million years ago, this cave has deposits of lava stalagmite and also lava tube channels. You might find some rare bats living in this cave; the flapping of the wings could be heard clearly. The ceiling is 5-10 metres in height, and you would have to walk with a pair of shoes on.

8. Jungmun Beach

Most of the surfing experts of Korea come to the Jungmun beach and experience the beach, waves, sand and seclusion. The beach is magnificent having black, grey and red grains of sand along with the predominately white sand. You might notice a natural sea cave standing at the right of the beach, and that is often seen in many of the TV commercials.

You can opt for various Korea travel deals and study them before making a final decision on date and palace. Explore Jeju Island, the abode to natural beauty.

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