Why is It Called Bond Island?

James Bond Island

Situated in the Andaman Sea just off the coast of Phuket, James Bond Island (also known as Bond island) is a favourite among travellers to Thailand. Situated in the Andaman Sea, James Bond Island is a smallish island that has a rather peculiar name attached to it – Bond. This is because James Bond is the fictional identity of a British agent who was based in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the years, this name change has become very relevant to travellers in the region, and not without reason.

The island’s rather ambiguous name originates from its position in relation to the sea. Because the island is in the Andaman Sea, its location is quite representative of Thailand. Its eastern part is close to the leased city of Phuket, while its western part is in proximity to Patong Beach. Therefore, the name carries with it certain expectations about the place.

The first thing that visitors to the island are bound to ask is what is James Bond island? To answer this question, you would first need to understand why the name is so important. Bond is a fictional character created by a publishing company in the early nineteen seventies for their comic strip.

The world’s media made an interest in the strip and the character was soon after introduced to the world via a television series. Since then the island has gone through a great deal of development both literally and figuratively. James Bond is often seen as a millionaire with beautiful women in tow. In actuality, Bond is a billionaire with a black belt in karate. In fact, this is his full name, James William Bond. However, he is also well known for being a master spy.

This is what leads many to wonder about the exact location of the island. The island is almost a perfect place for James Bond to be when it comes to blending in with the locals. The only real clue to the exact location of the island is the Bayswater airport, which is the London airport that connects with the mainland by taking a ferry from the Isle of Man. There is a free bus service that will take you from the airport to James Bond Island. Another good indicator of the exact location is the British Cable Corporation’s headquarters. It is situated at Clattersea, an hour’s rail ride away.

The island is also quite popular for its entertainment activities. If you want to do a bit of sunning yourself on a pristine beach, then there are a number of beaches around the island that are only a few minutes away. There is also a casino located on the island and it is worth some time to go and have a look. There are also many water sports on offer, but they tend to be very expensive and they are only open in the summer months.

Since the island is a protected world reserve, then no one is allowed to enter it and this has caused a large increase in visitors over recent years. In fact, there are now so many people that come to the island each year that James Bond Island has become known simply as Bond Island. People fly in from all over the world to visit the island where they can spend some time on dry land without being mobbed by the hundreds of enthusiastic Bond fans.

Of course, a name such as Bond Island is only given to a place if people want to go there. But if you are looking for a name for your personal garden, then it might just suit you to choose James Bond Island. You will get all sorts of different exotic plants and flowers and if you are really ambitious, you can even grow your own hedges and trees. It is a very idyllic location for a self catering holiday home.

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