Best Time of Year to Visit Puerto Rico

Visit Puerto Rico

The best time to go to Puerto Rico is in the spring, mid-March to early April, just before spring break and the busy summer and Easter holiday. The weather here is still pleasant, breezy, and sunny, with lots of local attractions and great activities. In addition to being a popular vacation spot, Puerto Rico has a long standing history and many fascinating sites that are open to the public. Many people visit this island nation for its history and to soak up some of the culture.

Spring is the best time to visit Puerto Rico, as you can take advantage of all the festivities that take place around this popular island. Puerto Rico features plenty of cultural activities and historic landmarks, as you would expect from a Latin American country. In March, you can visit Puerto Rican pride, the Puerto Rican Flag Museum, which is the pride of Puerto Rico. This museum has one of the largest collections of flags in the world.

Crowds don’t seem to be a problem in Puerto Rico, but there are other attractions that aren’t so friendly. One of these is the Mayan Ruins in Oc Neva, Puerto Rico – it is definitely not a place you want to visit during the best times of the year, as the crowds can be overwhelming. In the summer, crowds are pretty minimal, but the island still experiences heavy rains and landslides, which are common in this part of the Caribbean. If you decide to visit the Mayan Ruins at any time during the course of your trip, be sure to plan your trip beforehand and know that most of the ruins are closed to visitors. Also note that the ruins are open to visitors only from late May to late September. The best times to visit Puerto Rico are from mid-season through the hurricane season.

In the best times to visit Puerto Rico, the island experiences little or no rain and the temperatures stay relatively constant. Summers are warm and dry, although there are occasionally showers. The worst times to visit Puerto Rico are from May through September, when the crowds are worst and the temperatures are hottest. Winter is a different story altogether, as the island experiences ice cold temperatures and very little rainfall. The best times to visit Puerto Rico in winter are usually from November through March, when the island is experiencing its spring equinox.

Average rainfall is six inches, which is less than half the normal amount. Average temperature is about fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit, with the wind chill factor being around zero. The six inches of rainfall per year is one of the lowest in the western hemisphere. The lack of rainfall does not contribute to flooding but does hinder the growing of much needed crops due to water shortages. Because of this, when the rainy season comes, Puerto Rico receives one of its worst seasons of dry weather and unbearable temperatures.

When the rainy season comes, Puerto Rico’s temperature quickly begins to rise and the beaches become crowded. The island is not even able to produce enough food to feed its people, so much of the food goes uneaten. The worst month to go to Puerto Rico is September, as this is the months in which most of the tourist influx from the mainland goes to the Caribbean. In September, the heat and humidity are at their worst, which is a good time for tourists to visit Puerto Rico. The worst month to go to Puerto Rico in general is march, as the months in which most major events, such as the Fourth of July, take place. The Caribbean hurricane season, which runs from the end of July to the end of September, sees the maximum number of visitors from the mainland as well as from the U.S.

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