Why Most of My Time Travel Fanfiction is Hijacked by Romance!


Most of the time travel fanfiction I have read has been about the romantic adventures between Sam/ Dean and the love interest for their journey. The most popular and well known is, of course, the relationship between Sam/ Dean/Lavender from the movie, “The Time Travelers”.

While time travel is an exciting idea and can be used to help the story in many ways, the idea of traveling in time has always held some skepticism. For one thing, if it were true, why didn’t the ancient people of the past use time travel as well? The answer may not surprise you. In fact, it may shock you to hear that they didn’t.

The reason that most writers of the time travel fanfiction ignore time travel and instead concentrate on what would happen to them or their loved ones if they did it, is because it is simply not possible. No matter how hard I try to convince myself of this, my mind just won’t cooperate. There simply is no time travel theory which can account for our current understanding of reality.

Now then, does this mean that all time travel stories are silly? Of course it doesn’t. I mean, in many cases, a good writer has to be able to take the ideas they come up with and make them into a work of fiction.

The trouble comes when you start to look at time travel fanfiction through the wrong lenses. Most writers see it as an adventure story where a young man or woman travels through time to meet their love interest. If that were the case, then most time travel stories would be about what happens to the love interest after the young person travels through time.

However, as we’ve seen above, that is not how time travel works. For one thing, even though time travel may be able to help a writer to explain certain things about the universe, like how a space traveler could alter the future to save the world, it does not have any affect on the love interest for the time traveler. This is a real problem for a writer trying to create a love triangle out of a time travel story. Even if the love triangle was supposed to be a time travel fanfiction, it would be pretty hard to write something that makes it work.

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