Naruto Time Travel Fanfiction – Is it Possible?


As with all fanfiction, Naruto time travel fanfiction is based on the premise that whatever was previously used for plot development is no longer relevant. No matter what was used, an unknown blond suddenly awoke from a BAMF, or Badly Asleep, Naruto; good time-travel fiction; Naruto time travel. This has caused a new interest in time travel fanfiction, which is not surprising when we consider how popular naruto is and that it’s currently the most popular anime on earth.

There are literally hundreds of Naruto fans who have come up with a variety of theories and ideas about how time traveling can be achieved. The most popular among these is the idea that the person who invented time-travel, the “Progenitor”, was trying to find a way to travel back to the times of the original six Hokage, and use their knowledge to defeat the Fourth Hokage. This theory is based upon the fact that, at some point, the Progenitor made his home in the Hidden Leaf Village, and may even have been a member of the Leaf. The Progenitor, however, went mad during his time in the village, and so he was locked out and eventually killed by the Second Hokage.

The second popular theory of time-traveling Naruto is that the first person narrator was trying to protect his brother’s friends. In his mind, he believed that he had already won the war, but he was unable to do so in a proper manner, and so he went to the future and traveled back to when he was seven years old. In this state, he believed that he had become an excellent medic and was able to heal both the enemy and his own life by accident, making him a prime candidate for the Hokage position.

The third theory of time-traveling Naruto is that the First Hokage’s son, Obito, possessed the power of time traveling before he became a jinchuriki of the Hyuga Clan. In this universe, he was able to travel back to the past and use that power to try to change the past, which would allow him to create a new timeline that would allow him to defeat the Fifth Hokage before the Fourth Hokage could take over the village.

The Fourth theory of time traveling Naruto is a lot more controversial than the previous two. Because of the huge number of conflicting theories and the large number of characters, it’s not impossible to come up with more than one unique version of the story. Although, this particular story is certainly less controversial, the idea is still incredibly popular among several different people.

So, if you’re interested in some great Naruto time travel fanfiction, why not give it a shot? It’s definitely more complicated than it seems, but the results will be very well worth it. After all, isn’t the world of Naruto the perfect place to spend your weekends?

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