Is Travel Form as Fast as a Mount?

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Is travel form as fast as a mount? The question of whether or not to mount and caravan holidays work is a common one. The solution to this often hotly debated issue is whether or not the change from a car to an over the road motorbike will make any difference to your holiday. Also know, does caravanning effect travel shape? Yes, it does affect travel shape…in a bad way though.

Traveling over long distances in a caravan holiday will decrease your overall speed.

When you’re used to driving at a higher speed, especially in town, it can be hard to imagine being on the road again for a bit. However, if you’re in caravan form and decide to change back into caravan travel, then you’ll no longer have instantaneously mountedspeed, even when out of caravan form.

This decrease in speed will however increase the amount of time you spend travelling in your caravan over that same amount of time. So, how much of a difference does this make to your caravan holiday? Well if you’re a first time caravan holiday traveler then the short answer is ‘not a very big one’. But if you have caravanned in the past then you will be surprised at the time savings.

If you’re a caravan holiday planner then you may have seen people getting back onto their carriacs after taking a well deserved break from touring. This can be a frustrating situation. You’ve already paid your premium for the holiday, arranged your route, picked and packed your kit and you really want to get on with it. So, is travel shape affected by this sudden withdrawal of leisurely time?

In fact there’s a very good chance that it will affect your caravan holiday.

Travelling more miles in a shorter period of time means that you are using up more fuel. This is because the harder you work your caravan to maintain its engine speed, the more petrol you are consuming. This is a simple law of supply and demand but it is a good idea to be aware of it before setting out on your trip. caravan engines, like all other appliances, need a certain amount of charge to operate at peak performance. If you take less car battery charge than you need then the engine will struggle to work as hard and will actually shut down.

So you’ve worked hard to come prepared and planned your route and planned the best way to make your journey easier, but when it comes to your caravan you’ve done little to add that little extra. One of the biggest things that can affect how long your trip is will be the weather. It’s been established that the amount of sun exposure can be three times more damaging to your caravan than traffic jams. So next time you decide it’s a nice day to hit the road, think again! Even if you’re not going on a caravan holiday this season, think about the effect that bad weather is having on other caravans.

Weather effects caravans directly or indirectly.

Hot and humid weather can soak up all the moisture from inside the caravan, which will make your belongings harder to heat up and can also cause mould to grow. Whilst on a caravan holiday, especially if it’s hot, this can affect the interior of the caravan and you’ll find that it gets quite uncomfortable in there, especially if you don’t have air conditioning.

Rain can cause a huge mess and cause your caravan to become unlevel. On a caravan holiday, if it rains for longer than expected, you can be in trouble if you don’t bring along some sort of waterproofing material. Snow can also cause serious problems with your caravans as it can be slippery and doesn’t easily get out from under caravans. Thinking about how to get your caravan’s ready for winter is the best way to ensure you caravans are ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to bring.

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