Helltown Travel Channel


For the uninitiated, Helltown Travel Channel is a channel devoted to travelling around Australia. The channel is hosted by a man who used to be a cop in the San Francisco Police Department, Robert Collins. He also hosts a show on the channel called “The Road Trip,” which can be seen after you finish your meal at a restaurant.

In fact, when I first heard about Helltown Travel, I was very curious as to what kind of show it would be. After a few episodes, I found that the show is entertaining, informative, and even has some real gems that I’ve never heard of before.

First off, Helltown Travel is not a travel show. Instead, Robert Collins does an excellent job of telling his audience about the various locations that he has been to over the years. Of course, that’s only part of the story. There are also interviews with the local people who live in the areas where he is traveling to.

There is also a segment where Collins goes on tour buses. While this may sound silly, it’s actually a great story because he tells it through the words of the people who are on the bus. I’ve never really had any luck listening to someone talk while on a bus. That’s just too much going on and sometimes, it sounds as if they’re speaking to one another in Spanish.

When it comes to American history, there are several segments that take a look at various battles. The most popular of these is a story about the Civil War Battlefields of Virginia. Collins does an excellent job describing the landscapes and the battle grounds in detail.

Another segment is called “The Road Trip.” This one is a little different. Instead of going on a bus or tour bus, the entire crew travels through the backwoods of Australia. It takes about a week and the crew finds quite a few places along the way to enjoy.

The group visits the town of Stony Point, and also visits the site where Tom Palermo once lived. The town has become quite the tourist attraction in recent years, and Palermo still lives there today. The town is a unique amalgamation of old and new.

Of course, one of the most talked about segments of Helltown Travel is an episode that tells the story of a Native American tribe in the late 1800s in the middle of American history. They were known as the Dakota Indians and they were trying to get into the United States illegally.

Another popular segment of Helltown Travel is the “What to Eat” segment. The hosts of the show will talk about the different things that they’ve tried out in their travels around the world. Whether it was a place where the local people spoke English, or a place where the local people spoke French, the show’s hosts know their stuff.

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