Dragon’s Dogma Fast Travel Guide – A Game Review


Dragon’s Doctrine is a classic RPG by Enix and as far as RPGs go, it’s one of the best. This game starts with you as a young boy called Edward at the end of the fifteenth century. He is sent to a monastery where he receives a mysterious scroll which is known as “The Dragon’s Doctrine”.

This scroll is the key to unlocking an ancient evil called the Black Dragon, which has destroyed much of Europe and England. It’s up to Edward to go back and help the country to put everything right again. The story follows the boy throughout the game as he goes from village to village, fighting Black Dragons and other monsters who have been released due to the corruption of the evil Black Dragon. With the help of a female monk who knows about the hidden secret that’s being guarded, he must stop the Black Dragon before it destroys the entire world.

Dragon’s Doctrine features fast travel points between towns, villages and dungeons, as well as a whole lot more. For example, you can go to a castle to do battle against dragons, and you can also get a quick rest here and there during your travels. It’s a good idea to use fast travel points to get around more, but this is not always necessary since most of the areas you’ll explore are pretty well made, so the main point of this kind of game is exploring and getting the information you need.

The most important aspects of Dragon’s Doctrine, however, are the dungeons. The dungeons, which are divided into two categories, the Cathedral of Trials and the Cathedral of Secrets, are designed in such a way that they are very challenging for even the most hardened of RPG players. The dungeons will be filled with monsters and you’ll find hidden items and potions as you make your way through them.

You can’t just rush through dungeons with the use of fast travel points, though. The dungeon design of Dragon’s Doctrine is very unique, and you won’t find many of these types of dungeons in similar RPGs, as this is a very detailed game with some really great graphics. The main character, Edward, looks like he’s wearing armor, and he also has several spells at his disposal, which is quite impressive.

To take advantage of fast travel points to go from town to town, you have to keep an eye on your map. There are several quests you can take at various points in the game, and you should find out which ones you’re doing. to make sure you don’t miss any.

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